We serve leading Security Integrators, End Users and Consultants who are seeking technology solutions for physical security projects. We identify quality Solution Providers and facilitate private meetings for executives to explore relationships and uncover innovative technologies. Creating strategic relationships is what we do – saving executives time and growing business is the result.

Grow Your Strategic Partnerships

Redefine your company’s success by taking results to a whole new level. With SecurityXchange on your side, not only will you be able to deliver a greater breadth and depth of results; you will also deliver them faster. Even better, you’ll achieve ongoing results because the SecurityXchange experience is built on relationships, not transactions. We go deep, learn each organization’s challenges and each provider’s solutions, and then we bring them together.

It was a great experience for me because it opened my eyes to new technologies and connected me with the actual people who run the company. It was very productive.

Experience SecurityXchange

When the ideal supply meets its perfect demand, how extraordinary will the results be? We’re here to show you.

SecurityXchange is the elite solution broker. We make it possible for you to uncover game-changing connections and build synergistic relationships. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of each company’s needs and a list of the most innovative solution possibilities, we choreograph a series of confidential meetings, where senior management of both companies come together to explore partner potential. We act as your private concierge, planning each discussion strategically.

The sales generated from Ameristar participating at SX since 2003 has surpassed the threshold of $20 million, directly connected to the clients and integrators/security consultants we have established new relationships with at SX.

How SecurityXchange Works

Our proven proprietary process is broken into nine modular phases:

  • First, we interview Security Executives, allowing us to discover their company’s needs and research their challenges and goals.
  • Then we identify potential Solution Providers and qualify each company, their leadership, and their solutions before matching them to our top-tier clients.
  • Prior to meeting, we help both sides prepare and set a strategic agenda to maximize meeting results.
  • Then we meet: bringing Security Executives together with the senior leaders of potential partners for results-focused, 40-minute sessions.
  • This is about relationships, so we always mediate and review during and after SecurityXchange to ensure enduring results.