Harvard Business Review advice for processors: embrace new technology that fits your DNA

food process innovation changeEddie Yoon’s new article in Harvard Business Review is directed at grocery leaders, but the advice holds true for food and processor leaders and, actually, leaders in every industry. When faced with a thorny, massive challenge, industry leaders–the ones who remain leaders–do exactly what Yoon recommends:

  1. Re-center. Get back in touch not just with what your company does by why you do it. What is your DNA?
  2. Gather your pioneering spirit. When a new company starts, it’s all about conquering new territory. Increasing consumer demands for things like convenient options that are also preservative-free have landed food and beverage processors in a whole new realm. You have to start drawing your own map. Do you know how? Do you have the resources?
  3. Seek new technology. The technology cavalry is coming to help you meet these ever-louder consumer demands, but you need ways to find the most promising technology, vet that technology and implement solutions that create opportunity rather than expense and downtime.
  4. CHANGE. When the land beneath shifts, true leaders figure out how to remain standing. That requires adaption and agility. The people who are able to not just stay upright, but also to keep moving forward, those are the leaders who have made continuous improvement part of that DNA we talked about in number 1. That requires establishing a deliberate process for reflection, design and innovation. And that requires partners who can help.

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