Five Food & Beverage Technology Companies to Watch

Five Food & Beverage Technology Companies to Watch

microwave assisted pasteurization and sterilizationConsumers are increasingly demanding high quality, natural and additive-free packaged foods, and 915 Labs is packaging technology that delivers. Their exclusive Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS™) and Microwave Assisted Pasteurization (MAPS™) technologies shorten the time food is exposed to high heat, therefore preserving the food’s color, taste, and texture while also eliminating the need for excess sodium, additives and enhancers.

integrated packaging technologyOffering a full range of packaging technology, from distribution and feeding systems to loading, closing and shrink-wrapping, the Bradman Lake Group incorporates several world-renowned Autowrappers, Europack and Ibonhart brands into its solutions. Innovation is always at the heart of their work, and the company’s solutions use parallel axis robotics and vision technologies to increase efficiencies, reduce repetitive worker injuries and minimize downtime.

With pneumatic packaging systems, things can get complicatedsingle source for moving dry bulk materials engineering and design, and fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one company that could engineer, design, manufacture and service that entire system, end-to-end? There is. Magnum Systems. Their mission is to provide more than just total material handling solutions: their solutions also reduce downtime, increase efficiency and maximize return on investment because they serve as the single source for the entire system, from truck or rail to pallet, design to implementation to service.

Food Process Solutions (FPS) doesn’t just build freezers: they build the freezers their customers need. Collaboration is the collaborative turn-key freezer and refrigeration technologyFPS way, and the company believes in working in true partnership: no freezer is designed without first understanding a partner’s concerns and needs. Then, they incorporate a range of innovative technologies to maximize performance and ensure the highest hygienic standards. The FPS PulseFlow IQF freezer, for example, was designed for bulk handling of products such as vegetables and fruits and were the first IQF tunnels to be internally motor-free.

Agility and independence are at the heart of Matrix Technologies, a full-service resource for process design, automation Process Design, Automation Engineers and Operational Technology for the world’s leading Industrial Manufacturersand information system engineering. With experience designing solutions and systems for a variety of industries, including biotech and pharma as well as food and beverage, Matrix brings a unique depth and breadth of experience to every customer challenge. Their partners bring Matrix their most intractable challenges, and they get a full analysis, a custom solution, and implementation that never stops short of success.


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